Piano trio Solaris3 (Martin Levický – klavír; Anna Veverková – violin; Štěpán Filípek – cello) was founded in 2016. Ensemble concentrates mainly to performing classical music of the 20th and 21st century, but they are also devoted to old classics styles. The basic impulse for the formation of the Solaris3 was cooperation with the eurythmic group Flow. Between 2017–2019 the trio successfully performed at international festivals: Forum Eurythmie in Witten–Annen; Forfest in Kroměříž, New Music Encountres + in Brno, The Path – music as instrument of free expression in Brno/Praha, Krumlov autumn recitals in Český Krumlov and So klingt die Gegenwart! in Berlin. From 2019 ensemble collaborate regularly with Czech radio.

Martin Levický

He was born in 1986. His first piano teachers were prof. Miluše Kárová and Jiří Toman. He studied music at the Music faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts under prof. Peter Toperczer. He continued with this professor all through his university studies, but during his PhD studies prof. Toperczer died and so prof. Boris Krajný became his new adviser. His career started very early. He was only twelve years old, when he had a solo performance with the Symphonic Orchestra of Prague FOK. In the following years he performed with: The Slovakian Philharmonic, Brno Philharmonic, Virtuosi di Praga, Macau Philharmonic, Moravian Philharmonic in Olomouc, etc. In 2009 he was selected for a concert tour- “Masters on Tour”.
Throughout the years he focused on the interpretation of contemporary music with the ensemble Berg. Today he is the pianist of the National Theatre in Prague. He sought out partner for chamber music performances; he accompanied for example violinist Josef Suk or cellist Franz Helmerson in their recitals.

Anna Veverková

She has studied at the Prague Conservatory in the class of prof. Pavel Kudelásek. Afterwards she has continued her musical developement at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague with prof. Petr Messiereur. He was her advisor also during her postgradual studies, in which she was focused on the violin literature of the second half of the 20th century. She expanded her musical knowledge furthermore with: prof. Jan Tomeš at Universität der Künste in Berlin, Györgi Pauka at the Royal Academy of Music in London and Sándor Deviche at Encuentro di Musica y Academia Santander. She performed at the Luzern Festival Academy with members of the Ensemble Intercontemporain and Pierre Boulez. Another important moment in her career was meeting with members of Ensemble Modern. From 2008 to 2011 she was the concertmaster of North-Czech Philharmonic in Teplice. After this in 2011/2012 she became a member of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Malaga. Currently she occasionally collaborates with the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra, PKO orchestra and PKF – Prague Philharmonia Orchestra. As a interpret of contemporary music she collaborates with the following ensembles – Berg, BCO, Ensemble MoEns and Prague Modern. She is the first violinist of Kapr Quartet and she also performs with Ensemble Martinů.

Štěpán Filípek

He has studied at the Prague conservatory in the class of prof. František Pišinger. Afterwards He has continued at the Music faculty of JAMU in Brno. Here he has studied under prof. Miroslav Zicha. In his PhD studies at JAMU were his advisors prof. Jozef Podhoranský – cello and prof. Jindřiška Bártová – theory. Later he undertook to studying composition with prof. Radomír Ištvan at the Brno conservatory. Since 2007 he’s a member of the Janáček Opera Orchestra of the National Theatre of Brno. His main focus is the interpretation of the contemporary classical music. He performed for example with Berg Orchestra, BCO or Ensemble Recherche. He performed solo with the Plzeň Philhrmonic and with the Moravian Philharmonic of Olomouc. He’s a cellist in Miloslav Ištvan Quartett and he collaborates with Czech Radio in Brno on documenting the works of Moravian composers for cello and piano.

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